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Concours Auto Spa is a paint protection and auto detailing shop with two locations, Torrance, CA and Marina del Rey, CA.  Our company was founded back in 2005 by a team of experts with  years of professional car wash experience.  Along the way we’ve expanded our services to include paint correction, ceramic coatings, window tinting, powder coating, paint protection film, and vinyl wraps, to name a few. Our goal is to provide customers with the friendliest, most convenient and pleasurable experience possible.

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Reviews from our Awesome Customers

  • Min L.

    Min L.

    This posting is way overdue (my apologies to the Concours team!) but I have been coming to Concours every few weeks for the past year and thus, I think I can provide a very accurate review of the shop. You can read the following for the details, but really, all you need to know is that Concours is THE BEST car wash / detailing shop in the LA area, and you won't regret using any of their services. Compared to a year ago, the shop has gotten much busier and I think the word has gotten out about their excellence! (The other reviews can vouch for this as well.)

    I've always been a car enthusiast for as long as I can remember, and when I got old enough to start buying cars of my own, I have taken care of them with great passion. As the price of my 'investments' grew over time, my research into car care and detailing followed, so that I protect and maintain them as best as possible. I used to go to a detailing shop in Huntington Beach for a long time that has been run by my friends (also very reputable), but the 40+ mile drive was getting to be too much, and they unfortunately stopped offering hand car washes. So, the search began to find another shop, and after an extensive search, I finally found Concours about a year ago after purchasing my new vehicle. The best news is, I won't have to search for a new shop anymore, as they have been like family, and I will be a customer for life.

    I have had most of the services done at Concours already, including new car paint correction and protection, scratch and swirl repair, ceramic coating, and car washes every few weeks for maintenance. There are many adjectives I can use for Concours, but some of most accurate qualities that can be used to describe them would include being consistent, meticulous, knowledgeable, approachable, accommodating, and honest. I have gotten to know most of the staff over time, including Doug (the most easy-going owner you will ever meet), Brett, Matt, Mike, and Antonio. They have treated me like family, cared for my vehicle as if it was theirs, and always presented me with options for care and maintenance - they never over-sold me on anything, and never pressured me to spend on anything unnecessary. We always review what we should do with the vehicle each time I visit, and I especially appreciate that every time, they remember my car care history, and have a discussion and we come up with a plan together. There aren't many car detailing shops, let alone service-oriented companies, that can pride themselves on what Concours has built and maintained. The best news is, my car today looks as great as the day I first finished correcting all the damages done at the dealership (thanks to Concours), and people still turn heads while I'm driving on the freeway.

    This review turned out to be longer than expected but bottom line: if you care about your vehicle, visit Concours Auto Spa and give them a chance to show you how car care should really be done. You will be impressed and greatly satisfied!
  • Marshal A.

    Marshal A.

    Thank you to Doug, Matt and the crew at Concours. Not only did they do a great job on the PPF, Ceramic Coat and Window Tint, but you guys minimized the damage on our Model 3 from a recent valet incident. And this is the real reason I'm posting a 5-Star comment!

    Most of the posts on Yelp and the Tesla Forums talk about the quality of the work and they reasonable costs (both 100% accurate)...However, I want to focus on how well they treat their customers:

    Recently, I found a significant sized gash on the front driver bumper. I don't know how it got there, but I called Doug and he got me on the calendar two days later to see what he could do. I brought the car in this morning and both Matt and Doug were honest and said replacing the bumper was the only way to get it back to new. Unfortunately, that wasn't an option. So, Doug got creative and cut out a portion of the PPF, buffed out the area and applied touch-up paint. You can see the difference in the pictures.

    We can all still the damaged area, but that's not the point. Concours didn't have to accommodate me in busy schedule, but they did. They could have said they're nothing we can do, but they didn't. They could have charged me for the work they did, but again, they didn't.

    Bottomline, these are good people who do what the believe is right. And because of this, they have a customer for life.

    Thank you guys so much...Happy Holidays!
  • Stan H.

    Stan H.

    These guys are so knowledgeable.   Matt took his time explaining what could be done to improve the look of my existing paint job and informed me of some great new tech to preserve my next paint job such as a ceramic coating.   Looking forward to getting my chrome trim deleted here as well!  

  • Ed F.

    Ed F.

    Doug and his team are simply the best. Doug was very helpful and responsive and the Model 3 turned out great! CAS is top notch and I'll be back for more upgrades/mods.
  • Caroline L.

    Caroline L.

    I've been wanting to write this review for a while but I tend to procrastinate when I want to do something right, and so I wanted to make sure this was not just another cursory review.

    We originally found Concours through the Tesla Motors Club. People were raving about the great deals on tints, wraps, and other services for their new Teslas. So we went into the shop to inquire more about their services and to check out the shop even before we received our new car.

    We spoke to Doug, the owner, who was very informative and patient with all of our questions. He took the time to explain the different services we were interested in and even took us over to the cars they were working on to show us what things looked like in person.

    We ended up getting tinted windows, paint protection film, ceramic coating, and a vinyl wrap for the inside dash and center console (white wrap to match our white car which also protects it from scratches and fingerprints!). All of the services we received turned out great (see photos)!

    For almost every service they provide, they ask you to bring your car back for a follow up a week or two after so they can check and make sure everything is perfect. You can tell they really care about the quality of their work.  It's great because they also give you a nice wash as well. 🙂

    Doug and the whole crew there are very friendly and willing to work with you if anything is not to your satisfaction. If you are considering Concours for your car services, I would act fast and get your deposit in so Doug can schedule you as soon as possible as they can get really busy. In fact, they were so busy that they recently opened a new shop in Marina Del Rey.

    My new car looks great and I will definitely come back to Concours for any future services I may need!
  • Sue T.

    Sue T.

    Sorry for the delayed review. My front bumper has been fixed and everything looks good. I highly recommend Doug and his staff, they were very understanding and take pride in their work. Will always be coming back for any further detailing I need.
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