An Exclusive Package for Tesla Enthusiasts

Concours Auto Spa offers the ultimate paint protection film, ceramic coating, and tint package at an unbelievable value. The package is available in a group buy format organized in groups of 20 customers.

Available for the Model S, Model 3, and Model X.

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Model 3

When Tesla delivered the first Model 3 in July 2017 to SpaceX employees, Concours Auto Spa was ready.  We have grown to be Southern California’s and beyond “go to” shop for all paint protection needs and customization.  In 2018 alone, we installed paint protection film (PPF), ceramic coatings, nano-ceramic tint, and many other customizations on over 600 Model 3s.

List of Options for Model 3

Model S

Just like the Tesla Model S has set the industry standard for luxury electric vehicles, Concours Auto Spa provides top of the line services including paint protection film, ceramic coatings, nano-ceramic window tint, as well as any other customizations you can think of. Set your Model S apart from the rest, all while maintaining the highest quality at affordable prices.

List of options for the Model S

Model X

When the Model X hit the streets in September 2015, Concours Auto Spa was ready. The Model X offers many unique opportunities for customization and protection. From full wraps to seat backs to chrome deletes, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we are one of the few shops that will tint the front windshield in one piece, without breaking the bank.

List of options for the Model X

Frequently Asked Questions

What number am I on the group buy?
We have revised our very complex system to simply adding the information to your invoice.  On your invoice it will say for example “Group 5 – 16” which means you are a part of group 5 and are #16 in that group.
When will the rebate be issued? Will I get a check?
Rebates are issued when the 20th person in your group has completed with their services.  Rebates are issued to your credit card.
How long does it take to get my rebate?
Generally it takes a group about 10 weeks from start to finish.

Appointments for Group Buy via Phone Only